The Digitals - Celebrating Digital Excellence

12 November 2014, Tobacco Dock

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Judging Criteria

The Digitals are judged against the following criteria:

Objectives & Strategy

Were the campaign / project objectives clearly stated and did the team have an understanding of how the campaign objectives relate to longer-term business objectives? What strategy and tactics were used to achieve the objectives? How tailored was the campaign / project activity?

Creativity & Innovation

Did the campaign / project team use a new, intelligent or innovative approaches to achieving the objectives? How effectively have new ideas and technologies been generated and implemented to produce exceptional performance?

Effectiveness & Business Results

How successful was the campaign / project in relation to the original objectives? Results can include brand uplift, sales and sustainable competitive advantage. Proving effectiveness is crucial, so return on investment should be used wherever possible to allow large and small projects to compete on an equal footing. Robust data are required. If you have queries regarding commercial confidentiality, please read our policy.